About Us

Union Pork Store is a friendly place, much like a corner candy store, where neighbors chat and what to make for dinner becomes a group discussion. After all, it's not easy to decide-there are more than 100 wursts, 20 types of kielbasa, more than 10 varieties of salami, three kinds of bologna, and some of the best looking meat in butcher cases we have seen in a long time. Almost all of the sausages are hand made on premises-hand cut, smoked and formed in the immaculate butcher area in the shop's rear..

Most of the groceries are imported from Germany, Poland, and the rest of the Europe and while there are the irresistible herrings in all sizes and marinades, there are also spaetzles, dumpling mixes, biscuits, butters, mustard's, cookies, snacks, preserves, pickles, stollen and Asbach pralinen. Fresh breads and babkas arrive daily from area German bakeries.

Union Pork Store is emphasis is on German, Polish, and Hungarian meats and groceries. Whatever your food traditions are, there's a good chance you'll find the basics here. There are sausages that hang from the ceilings and fill case after case. The wursts alone are mind-boggling: saitenwurst, weisswurst, bauernwurst, bockwurst, Bavarian bratwurst, kalbsleberwurst, mettwurst, gelbwurst, leberkaese , landjaeger, knackwurst and bierwurst. and this is only to name few.

It's certainly worth a trip to see that it's still being done so well.